System / Add-ons

Using the same design modules and rule as for exibo module, combining various compatible types of aluminium profiles with certified connectors, materials or textures for dry fit assembling and multimedia equipment, according to different design ideas or concepts you can create lightweight structures like wall modules, shelves, stands, showcases, generally a variety of objects for furniture

add-ons gallery

partition wall modules

add-on_01  wall module Iw

add-on_02 wall module Γeq

add-on_03 wall module Γun

add-on_04  monolith

add-on_05  modular display

add-on_06  stand and lightbox

add-on_07  bench

add-on_08  table

Iw and Γun tested on site

Iw and Γun tested on site

Γeq mounting test

exibo concept

Letterlike modules