System / Skins

Like me for my versatility, for all the ideas I stand for that can make your world better. 

If you don't want me naked... cover me with skins... be aware that I'm dressing only with skins compatible with my style. 

Respect my mentality, as I only use reusable or recyclable materials and a specific dressing code... or use me naked and untouchable in my perfect integrity.

Texture_01     ceramic tiles

Texture_02     coloured MDF

Texture_03     corten

Texture_04     Led wall panel

Texture_05   Led display

Texture_06  Led floor tiles

Texture_07  Led mesh

Texture_08  PVC floor tiles

Texture_09   Octafloor flooring system

Texture_10   Laminate

Texture_11   satinice plexiglas

Texture_12   light beton

Texture_13   metal pattern

Texture_14  coloured plexiglas

Texture_15   octalumina light panel

Texture_16  prints and textiles

Texture_17  multimedia

Texture_18  touch screen

Texture_19  hanging systems

Texture_20  touch foil

Texture_21  touch screen apps